Leave It To Psmith 1981

(4.9 stars; 18 reviews)

A BBC Radio adaptation by Michael Bakewell of P. G. Wodehouse's 1923 comic novel. Psmith (the "p" is silent ("as in pshrimp", in his own words and added by himself to set himself apart from all other Smiths) is a character created by "Jeeves and Wooster" creator P. G. Wodehouse and is one of his best-loved. He may be something of a dandy, but he's a fluent and witty speaker and has the remarkable ability to pass through the most amazing adventures unruffled. In this all-star-cast adaptation, Psmith, having fallen on hard times, advertises in the newspapers for work.  Freddie Threepwood, in need of someone to help steal a valuable necklace, hires him and takes him to Blandings Castle, where, mistaken for a visiting famous poet, Psmith becomes involves in a situation where there are girls to woo, crooks to foil, criminals to unmask, haughty aunts to baffle and valuable items to steal ... all in all, a typical Wodehouse romance! The Author ... Sir John Gielgud Psmith ... Simon Ward Lord Emsworth ... Sir Michael Hordern Lady Constance ... Joan Greenwood Freddie ... David Troughton Baxter ... Christopher Godwin Eve ... Carole Langrishe Miss Peavey ... Zoe Wanamaker Joe Keeble ... Bryan Pringle Beach ... Ellis Dale Cootes ... Stuart Milligan Todd ... Peter Marinker Susan ... Alex Marshall Briggs ... Alan Dudley Directed by Peter King Broadcast on BBC Radio 4 03 October 1981

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Leave It To Psmith 1:55:38



(5 stars)

I don’t usually listen to this type of presentation,but I like Wodehouse and gave it a try. This presentation was excellently done. Consistent column and clear dramatic reading. Thank you. For a enjoyable silly time