White Cockades: An Incident of the "Forty-Five"

Read by Elin

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In the aftermath of the 1745 Jacobite uprising, the young Andrew Boyd meets a fugitive from the redcoats, a man whom Andrew soon grows to admire. Andrew and his father take the man in, but then the redcoats arrive to search the house...

Besides being a historical adventure this reads, to a modern reader, as a sweet gay romance, though it's not explicit. Indeed the author was gay himself and anonymously recommended his own book as an example of homoerotic fiction in The Intersexes, his 700-page defense of homosexuality under another pen name. - Summary by Elin (3 hr 20 min)


In a Highland Glade 14:39 Read by Elin
A Story and a Shelter 11:07 Read by Elin
''In the King's Name'' 19:47 Read by Elin
''Puss in the Corner'' 13:16 Read by Elin
In Which Captain Jermain's Memory is Useful 17:11 Read by Elin
A Desperate Shift 23:13 Read by Elin
Prisoner and Sentry 29:37 Read by Elin
Meeting—Flight 19:26 Read by Elin
Colonel Danforth 21:16 Read by Elin
All for Him 16:36 Read by Elin
Under the Oak 10:24 Read by Elin
L'Envoi 3:49 Read by Elin


Yeah, no!

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"Homoerotic" fiction? Librivox, you should be ashamed of yourselves.