Paul Artherton Good Clothes

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Good Clothes by Paul Artherton   Drama on One RTÉ Radio 1 1st TX 29th July 2018 Set in 1970s Belfast, The Clark family live a life of peaceful co-existence with their neighbours. However the continuing polarisation of communities and ghettoisation of the city forces them to reconsider their life choices. Dan Gordon was Charlie Clarke  Kerri Quinn played Mary Conor Mac Neill was Jim Gavin Peden  was Joe Orla Charlton played Heather Eleanor Methven was Mrs. Simpson.  The parts of the newsreaders and the removal men were played by Vincent Higgins and Michael Liebmann Music was 'Brutality' by The Defects  Sound supervision was by Mark McGrath Produced by Kevin Reynolds  Took 3rd prize in the 2018 PJ O'Connor Awards.

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.