The National Geographic Magazine Vol. 09 - 11. November 1898

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The National Geographic Magazine, an illustrated monthly, Vol IX, November 1898.
It includes the following articles:

(1 hr 23 min)


Sumatra's West Coast 35:16 Read by Availle
What is the Tide of the Open Atlantic? 27:35 Read by Availle
The Peak of Itambe 2:31 Read by Alan Mapstone
Geographic Aspects of the Monroe Doctrine 2:40 Read by Alan Mapstone
Geographic Literature 13:29 Read by BettyB
Miscellanea 2:02 Read by BettyB



(4.5 stars)

It talks a bunch of googly gook that nobody cares about. Needs to be rewritten to discuss the oppression of transgendered LatinX Americans by old white males. Systemic oppression is the only thing that is real. Anything not discussing this is Raycyst