Vincent Van Gogh And Paul Gauguin

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Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin were two of the greatest painters of their age. The nine stormy weeks they spent working together in Arles in the south of France at the end of 1888 marked one of the most important and intriguing examples of artistic collaboration in history. That story became widely known to mass audiences through the Irving Stone novel and film “Lust for Life”, and it was also the focus of a major exhibition. “The Studio of the South”, as they called it, refers to Vincent’s desire to launch an artists’ collective under a new sun in the years following impressionism, an attempt by each artist to influence the other with their own distinct approach to nature and memory, and the lasting impact of those brief but momentous nine weeks. Producer: Marijke van der Meer Broadcast: September 13, 2001 Radio Netherlands

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This was very interesting. Van Gogh is my favourite artist and his Sunflowers, is my favourite painting. 12th of January 2022 from Ireland xx.

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Excellent compilation. 7 March, 2022, by IMMS