Daring Deeds of Famous Pirates

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Edward Chatterton, a prolific British author of maritime adventures, presents fascinating stories of pirates and their exploits from earliest times through the 19th century. Chapters include the history of piracy in Tudor and Elizabethan times and stories of legendary pirates such as Black Beard, Henry Morgan, and Captain Kidd. - Summary by Larry Wilson (9 hr 8 min)


The Earliest Pirates 23:12 Read by James R. Hedrick
The North Sea Pirates 18:42 Read by Loraine Flegal
Piracy in the Early Tudor Times 23:33 Read by jenno
The Corsairs of the South 30:45 Read by PhyllisV
The Wasps at Work 28:50 Read by Shasta
Galleys and Gallantry 27:01 Read by Shasta
Piracy in Elizabethan Times 26:30 Read by Shasta
Elizabethan Seamen and Turkish Pirates 34:04 Read by Shasta
The Stuart Navy Goes forth against the ''Pyrats''' 36:21 Read by Shasta
The Good Ship Exchange of Bristol 33:13 Read by Shasta
A Wonderful Achievement 28:30 Read by Shasta
The Great Sir Henry Morgan 25:36 Read by Alan Dove
''Black Beard'' Teach 20:42 Read by Heather Eney
The Story of Captain Kidd 27:21 Read by Shasta
The Exploits of Captain Avery 25:02 Read by April Mendis
A ''Gentleman'' of Fortune 26:42 Read by Heather Eney
Paul Jones, Pirate and Privateer 29:59 Read by Heather Eney
A Notorious American Pirate 11:22 Read by ReubenJames43
The Last of the Algerine Corsairs 20:40 Read by Shasta
Pirates of the Persian Gulf 23:33 Read by Nissy
The Story of Aaron Smith 27:00 Read by Nissy