The Pinafore Picture Book: The Story Of H.M.S. Pinafore (Version 2)

Read by David Wales

(3.6 stars; 5 reviews)

Pinafore’s sublimely silly story is made even sillier by this (ostensibly for children) 1908 story version of the 1878 Gilbert and Sullivan operetta. Gilbert, the author of the operetta’s lyrics, writes this version of the story with his tongue planted firmly in his cheek. Most adults and children will find this version vastly amusing. - Summary by David Wales (1 hr 53 min)


Preface: To My Young Readers 3:49 Read by David Wales
Chapter 1 20:40 Read by David Wales
Chapter 2 27:17 Read by David Wales
Chapter 3 9:57 Read by David Wales
Chapter 4 51:20 Read by David Wales


I found this book raycyst and offensive

(4.5 stars)

Now give me some social credit for indignantly pointing out raycysm.