The Blind Man

(4.8 stars; 3 reviews)

The Blind Man Starring Hugh Laurie as Larry Keating Set in 1961, a famous blind jazz pianist, Larry Keating, agrees to a radical new medical procedure - an eye transplant. The operation is a success but his new eyes are those of a murdered man, and captured on their retina is the image of his murderer. Larry and his new nurse, Jenny, begin a quest to track him down - before someone else dies. Speaking about his part in the drama, Hugh Laurie says: “The first time I read Ernest Lehman’s script of The Blind Man, it was like finding a pre-war Bugatti in a barn. We swept off some of the chicken droppings, cranked the handle, and it started first time. It was a thrill and a delight to be involved.” Narrator, Alfred Hitchcock: Peter Serafinowicz Sylvia Whitehead ............ Rebecca Front Victor Farmer ............ Nicholas Woodeson Jenny Stiles............ Kelly Burke Mortie Levitt / Captain Barzoni   ............ Andy Nyman Linda Whitehead ............ Hilary Connell Herman Graubner ............ John Guerrasio Dr McGraw ............ John Light Autograph Girl ............ Hollie Burgess Music by Blair Mowat Sound Design by Wilfredo Acosta Directed by Mark Gatiss Produced by Laurence Bowen and Peter Ettedgui Co-Producer Laurent Bouzereau. A Feelgood Fiction production for BBC Radio 4. Unmade MoviesHitchcock's The Blind Man First broadcast: Sat 31st Oct 2015 14:30 on BBC Radio 4 FM Adapted by Laurence Bowen from Alfred Hitchcock & Ernest Lehman’s unfinished screenplay, the follow-up to North by Northwest - completed by Mark Gatiss. The script was discovered by radio producer Laurence Bowen in a research institute in Texas, along with handwritten notes and letters exchanged between the writers, who had previously collaborated on 1959’s North by Northwest. The Blind Man is part of Unmade Movies, a season of radio adaptions of unproduced screenplays by the major authors of the 20th century - including Harold Pinter, Arthur Miller, Orson Welles, Alfred Hitchcock and Ernest Lehman. Laurence Bowen, Producer at Feelgood Fiction, the creator of the series, says: “It’s taken several years to find and secure the rights for these but what a wonderful journey it’s been, bringing to life for the first time lost treasures from the greatest writers of the 20th century. There are many reasons why screenplays don’t happen – politics, funding, creative differences – and they disappear into cupboards, draws or computer files, never seeing the light of day, but these three are absolute gems and can now enter the official canons of their writers.”

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