Thistlewood By Stewart Conn

Thistlewood By Stewart Conn With music composed and arranged by Adrian Secchi Arthur Thistlewood, executed at Newgate in 1820 for murder and high treason, was one of those historical rarities: an English Revolutionary. 'We will have to take to arms.... we must occupy the Tower and barricade the bridges. Blow open the prison doors and see these lofty Bastilles reduced to ashes. We must take what is Ours...'   John Bull: John Hollis Arthur Thistlewood: Ian Hogg Sea Captain/George Edwards: Russell Dixon Orator Hunt/James Ings: Peter Wheeler Samuel Bamford/Richard Tidd: James Tomlinson Mrs Bamford: Daphne Oxenford Susan: Judith Barker Viscount Sidmouth: Geoffrey Banks Secretary Taylor: John Franklyn-Robbins Dr Watson/John Brunt: Brian Miller Producer/Director: Robert Cooper BBC Manchester The Monday Play: Mon 19th Jul 1976 20:00 on BBC Radio 4 FM

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.


Thistlewood 1:25:35