William Smethurst Henrietta

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Henrietta by William Smethurst 'Being an account of the events leading to the trial of Ford, Lord Grey of Werk, at the King's Bench Bar on 23 November 1682. upon an information exhibited there... for unlawfully tempting and enticing Lady Henrietta Berkeley, then a virgin, unmarried and within 18 years of age to unlawful love, and carrying her away from her father's house to cause her to live in a scandalous manner...' Henrietta: Elizabeth Cassidy Lord Grey: Edward Fox Lady Lucy Berkeley: Patricia Gallimore Lady Arabella Berkeley: Iiedli Niklaus Lady Berkeley: Penelope Shaw Swynford, a printer: Geoffrey Matthews Becky: Caroline Hunt Lord Berkeley: Peter Dyneley Charnock: John Malcolm Purcell/Mr Turner: Richard Carrington Gadbury, an astrologer/Captain Fitz-Gerrard.: Roger Hume Lord Chief Justice: Jack Holloway Mr Serj Jefferies: George Woolley Produced and directed by Roger Pine   BBC Birmingham Saturday-Night Theatre: Sat 4th Dec 1976 20:30 on BBC Radio 4 FM

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