Everybody's Got Conditions By Sarah Wooley

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Everybody's Got Conditions By Sarah Wooley 1961. Tennessee Williams had just turned 50. In spite of a string of successful plays (Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, A Streetcar Named Desire), the Broadway critics had been scathing about his most recent work. As always with a work by Williams his next play, The Night of the Iguana had star parts for women. Initially he had his heart set on Katherine Hepburn but she wouldn't sign up for a long run so the play's producer got creative and the supporting role of Maxine Faulk was beefed up and offered to Bette Davis. Davis had been a huge Hollywood star but by 1961 was financially in trouble and looking for a comeback. She hadn't been on stage since 1929 but was still box office gold as far as the theatre was concerned. Williams had his reservations from the start but was persuaded to put them aside and rehearsals began in the Autumn of 1961 with Davis in the role. But casting Davis would prove to be the biggest mistake of Williams' career. Tennessee Williams: Justin Salinger Bette Davis: Amelia Bullmore Chuck Bowden: Simon Harrison Paula Laurence: Teresa Gallagher Frank Merlo: David Sturzaker Stage Manager: David Sturzaker Patrick O Neal: Simon Ludders Hot Dog Man: Simon Ludders Margaret Leighton: Georgie Glen Operator: Georgie Glen Directed by Gaynor Macfarlane. Drama First broadcast:  Mon 5th Jun 2017 14:15 on BBC Radio 4 FM

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Are there no more good British radio actresses?

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Intriguing premise shot down by terrible voice-work, particularly the woman playing Bette Davis. If you can't imitate a voice that iconic, stick to video game narration, or whatever you ladies do for a side gig. BBC would have done better hiring a competent drag artist for the part.

This should NOT catalog as old time radio

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This stinks, and was created this freaking generation. Why is it even archived at all actually. It's not otr, and BBC can archive their own contemporary programs

Well now!

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Sorry you feel that way! This is a Radio Drama!