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John Newton, best known for his hymn "Amazing Grace", for his former life as a slave trader and as eventual opponent of the slave trade in Britain. These 14 short letters cover his early life to about 1755 and are filled with his Christian reflections on the events of his life. Letter 5 contains Newton's description of his life under Amos Clowe, an enslaver, who gave him to his wife as a servant. It is worth noting that this collection was published in 1764 and Newton did not publish his scathing pamphlet Thoughts Upon the Slave Trade until 1788 and thus his letters focus on his life as a "an infidel and libertine" (Newton's own description) than on the institution he later condemned. - Summary by InTheDesert (3 hr 30 min)


Preface 1:54 Read by InTheDesert
Introductory Observations 13:40 Read by Larry Wilson
Occurrences in Early Life 13:20 Read by Larry Wilson
Journey to Kent, Voyage to Venice 26:33 Read by Michelle Hannah
Voyage to Madeira, Entry on board a Guineaman, and Voyage to Africa 14:36 Read by Michelle Hannah
Hardships endured in Africa 15:25 Read by Michelle Hannah
Enlargement in Africa 12:06 Read by InTheDesert
Voyage from Cape Lopez for England 14:00 Read by Michelle Hannah
Danger in the Voyage from Cape Lopez 15:01 Read by Michelle Hannah
Events in Ireland, and arrival in England 11:54 Read by InTheDesert
Voyage to Africa 12:02 Read by InTheDesert
Voyage to Antigua, return to England, and Marriage 14:27 Read by Ruth P.
Another Voyage to Africa 14:06 Read by Kazbek
Last Voyage to Africa 15:45 Read by A. J. Van Zandt
Conclusion of the Narrative 15:25 Read by Ruth P.