Glinda of Oz

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(3.7 stars; 72 reviews)

Glinda of Oz is the fourteenth Land of Oz book and is the last one written by the original author L. Frank Baum, although the series was continued after his death by several other authors.

Dorothy and Ozma discover that a war is brewing in a distant and unexplored part of Oz, between two mysterious races, the Flatheads and the Skeezers. The girls set out to try to prevent the fighting, not knowing what dangers await them. (Summary by Lucy Perry.) (4 hr 38 min)


The Call to Duty 22:00 Read by Luke Nelson
Ozma and Dorothy 14:53 Read by Luke Nelson
The Mist Maidens 4:45 Read by Luke Nelson
The Magic Tent 7:58 Read by Luke Nelson
The Magic Stairway 11:18 Read by Luke Nelson
Flathead Mountain 15:39 Read by Luke Nelson
The Magic Isle 6:34 Read by Luke Nelson
Queen Coo-ee-oh 12:17 Read by Kara Shallenberg (1969-2023)
Lady Aurex 11:28 Read by Elli
Under Water 7:53 Read by J. Rebecca Franklin
The Conquest of the Skeezers 4:44 Read by Lucy Perry
The Diamond Swan 22:31 Read by Evelyn Clarke
The Alarm Bell 9:02 Read by Evelyn Clarke
Ozma's Counsellors 10:56 Read by Linda Lee Paquet
The Great Sorceress 13:29 Read by Linda Lee Paquet
The Enchanted Fishes 9:31 Read by Linda Lee Paquet
Under the Great Dome 13:57 Read by Miriam Esther Goldman (1991-2017)
The Cleverness of Ervic 22:25 Read by Evelyn Clarke
Red Reera, the Yookoohoo 10:49 Read by Linda Ferguson
A Puzzling Problem 10:58 Read by Linda Ferguson
The Three Adepts 9:32 Read by Mark F. Smith
The Sunken Island 8:40 Read by Mark F. Smith
The Magic Words 9:33 Read by Mark F. Smith
Glinda's Triumph 7:43 Read by Mark F. Smith


(4 stars)

Enjoyed this book as all the oz series very well narrated and the young boy only does first 7 chapters then several very well known narrators take over. Thanks to all the narrators for a great job.

(5 stars)

i love this reading. just beware, the reader is a young boy with a soft voice. but i really like it

Glenda of Oz

(2 stars)

READ BY A YOUNG YOUTH ... (Thank u Hon for you reading). I just prefer a mature voice.


(3 stars)

Charming and endearing to hear (part of) the story read by a child. To this reader: Just improve recording quality a bit next time and it'll be even better. Thank's and good luck!

AWESOME. read by a nine yearold?better cus I'm 10!!!!

(5 stars)

Glinda of oz

(5 stars)

I love all the books in the collection of oz

it's okay 👌

(3.5 stars)

I don't want to hurt his feelings but his reading voice was quite boring. But I'm sure he will do a better job next time.


(2 stars)

some readers are good, but others are shrill and hard to listen to. the book is ok. Not as good as the other oz books.