Humility: The Beauty of Holiness

Read by Nathan

(4.8 stars; 512 reviews)

A book on the all importance of humility, how Jesus was humble, and how we also can become humble. Murray wrote "Without humility, there can be no true abiding in God's presence or experience of His favor and the power of His spirit. Without it there can be no abiding faith or love or joy or strength." Summary by ekaitz

A Dutch version is available / Een Nederlandstalige versie is beschikbaar: Nederigheid. (2 hr 5 min)


Chapter 1 9:03 Read by Nathan
Chapter 2 10:47 Read by Nathan
Chapter 3 9:24 Read by Nathan
Chapter 4 11:34 Read by Nathan
Chapter 5 9:45 Read by Nathan
Chapter 6 11:56 Read by Nathan
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Excellent narration for this life changing book!

(4.5 stars)

Best narrator/reader I've heard on LibriVox. He handles this 19th century text flawlessly as far as I could tell. What a delight to find my favorite Andrew Murray book done so well! Thank you, Nathan!

the aspiration of every spiritual journey

(5 stars)

What a powerful impactful read and as the Lord so often and timely does for me what profound insights are contained herein

Read and reread over and over

(5 stars)

A classic for the Christian life. Good performance, excellent content. One to read at least once a year.


(5 stars)

This is the second time I've listened to this book. But not the last. I think this should be every Christians bread and butter.

A must read or hear for every Catholic. This audiobook has helpe

(5 stars)

A must read or hear for every Catholic. This audiobook has helped me and it still is helping me to enrich my life by really understanding what humility and pride is. This way I am able to recognize the instances when I am being full of pride so I can make the necessary actions to extinguish it with acts of humility. I was so surprised that even in those time when I thought I was being humble, I was actually with pride. And that the root of all my unhappines was just this insidious pride. This book along with "Uniformity with God's Will" has saved my life, my marriage; and saved me from so many heartaches and disappointments.

(5 stars)

Absolutely insightful- giving insight to the dimension of humility and its importance to our growth in Christ. Mr Murray gives God-given insight into the elements that define Humility Gods way.🤔it is worth listening with a prayer to the Lord to prepare the hearer in order to be showered with Spiritual blessings in order to learn the behaviour of a king and the attitude of a king knowing that all things work together for good

Essential reading

(5 stars)

agree with so many other readers, this is full of insight for resetting our christian walk with Jesus, to know more of the Father. Helpful book to revisit and reminded of taking up our cross to follow our Master and Friend

A call to the end of one’s Ego

(5 stars)

A very compelling argument for one to rigorously work towards the end of pride. My main conviction towards Complete Humility is to make myself a vessel for the full expression of the Almighty