Short Mystery and Suspense Collection 012

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4 stars; 16 reviews)

The 12th edition of the Librivox Mystery and Suspense Collection delivers such gems as Father Brown in the Donnington Affair, Edgar Allen Poe and Guy de Maupassant amongst others. Prepare to by mystified and entertained. Each piece has been selected and read by Librivox readers. (6 hr 27 min)


Dematerialization 10:33 Read by Dale Grothmann
The Donnington Affair Part 1 1:01:40 Read by Retroindiereader
The Donnington Affair Part 2 48:26 Read by Retroindiereader
Fear 16:02 Read by Tony Scheinman
The Man in the Ready-Made Suit 32:32 Read by Rapunzelina
The Monkey's Paw 30:56 Read by Alan Lord
The Most Dangerous Game Part 1 59:30 Read by Retroindiereader
The Most Dangerous Game Part 2 31:55 Read by Retroindiereader
The Orange Opal 10:07 Read by Dale Grothmann
The Masque of the Red Death 14:30 Read by Steve Nelson
The Tell-Tale Heart 18:07 Read by Alan Lord
Treasure 8:25 Read by Dale Grothmann
"Better than Men": Two Dogs 14:22 Read by realisticspeakers
The Vow on Halloween 11:16 Read by Dale Grothmann
The Woman Who Cursed a Man 18:40 Read by Dale Grothmann