Sister Carrie

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Theodore Dreiser (1871–1945) was an American author of the naturalist school, known for dealing with the gritty reality of life. Sister Carrie (1900) is his first novel and tells the story of a young country girl who moves to the big city (Chicago) where she starts realizing her own American Dream by first becoming a mistress to powerful men and later as a famous actress.
Dreiser and his wife significantly altered the original manuscript to make it more palatable to the prevailing sensibilities of the day, but even this toned down version caused a minor scandal, and Dreiser had difficulty finding a publisher for it. This was due to the blurred division line between good and bad in the plot. Although Dreiser's moralizing narrator does assert that, despite the fame and the money she has amassed, Carrie will not be able to achieve peace of mind in her life, the apparent lack of poetic justice -- the notion that immorality should pay in the end, even if only up to a point -- was a concept the reading public were altogether unused to at the time. (summary from wikipedia) (17 hr 47 min)


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To the reviewer below...

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If LibriVox were a commercial audiobook provider, we might care about "quality control for the listeners", but instead we are an all-volunteer website that provides "acoustic liberation of books in the public domain". I listened to Andrea's recording and frankly I didn't think it was that bad. Certainly not the voice I would cast as the "voice of hell". She has a non-Midwestern American accent (probably the New York or New Jersey area), but that's hardly sufficient reason for what you wrote. There is a reason why we do not restrict readers according to their vocal type. Aside from the fact that we are an all-volunteer organization, and the quickest way to lose volunteers is to tell them their assistance is just not wanted, there is also the question of *whose* judgment is supposed to prevail. I've heard professionally produced, commercial audiobooks that have put me to sleep, so if commercial publishers with all their resources cannot find something to please every ear, how on earth can we as an all-volunteer organization with precious little money but what people choose to donate do any better? If you have a problem with her reading, then by all means please record the last ten chapters of "Sister Carrie" and we will offer them as alternative versions on the website. We are all about "choice of voice" at LV.

Unnecessary roughness

(4 stars)

I was shocked to read the review lambasting Andrea's reading. She graciously donated her time and energy so that some of us could benefit from listening to this classic. It took me a very short while to adjust to her voice, and then I returned to listening mode in which I noticed the accent not at all. I suggest that those who are so insistent upon their own standards being met read the book for themselves and refrain from trampling upon the efforts of those who so generously give. Andrea, I thank you, and I hope you don't let the mean people drag you down.


(5 stars)

First, the book is absolutely marvelous. Second, I found all the readers from good to excellent. Before I even downloaded the book, I read the reviews. Upon reading about Andrea I went through the chapters and played a few seconds of the first of Andrea’s readings. What in the world did the two reviewers hear that I didn’t hear? Andrea’s voice was different than the other two female listeners, but not inferior to them. It took me a few minutes to adjust to it and appreciate it. Andrea has a warm, Eastern accent, probably a New Yorker. How appropriate for the last part of this novel! I have been a LibriVox listener for years, way before the iPhone app. I have listened to at least 100 books. My favorite readings are by a single reader, just for consistency. The few readings I don’t like are because of poor recording quality or readers for whom English is not their native tongue. Some of these are very hard to understand. But I appreciate their efforts. I am a poor reader out loud and would have a terrible time reading two or three sentences in a row without making a mistake. I marvel at the overall quality. Remember, listeners, this is a free service. I was actually fine with the introduction of advertising! Donations obviously don’t pay the bills! If you don’t like the readings, pay for professionally produced versions. I belong to Audible specifically to hear books not in the public domain. I rarely get more than my one book a month I am entitled to. I would be happy to pay something to LibriVox! I’m a big fan!!!

(5 stars)

A++. When in college we were assigned An American Tragedy. I am not sure if it was the book or the prof or me but I couldn’t even finish it and therefore avoided Sister Carrie only to learn via LibriVox that Sister Carrie is outstanding. One of the best pieces of American literature. As far as the readers go they were all just fine. One has a distinctly east coast accent that maybe explains the undue criticism she received but she actually is well paced, enunciates well, and expressive. Definitely not one to be avoided (we all have readers that we appreciate but avoid, some of whom are well liked by others - to each their own). Great book.

Reading Sister Carrie

(5 stars)

Andrea, I am grateful for this Free Service, grateful to the volunteers, and grateful to you for your participation. I am sorry for the cruel remarks of those who, though they might have read or listened to "Sister Carrie", did not understand it.

An Underrated Classic

(4 stars)

Thank you to all the readers! I appreciate your time and work to bring these books to us. :)

Very Entertaining

(4.5 stars)

It is a very well written text, but some of the chapters are very long.

(5 stars)

wonderful book. the best of Dreiser.