Myths and Legends Around the World - Collection 10

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

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This collection is dedicated to recordings of short mythical or legendary works which are in the Public Domain. The stories tell of legends, heroes, myths, and ancient lore from many different cultures. (Summary by Lynette Caulkins) (3 hr 29 min)


The Story of Vickramadit - Himalayan 8:27 Read by ChinmayHota
The Talkative Tortoise - Indian 5:03 Read by ChinmayHota
The Begger King - Jewish 7:11 Read by Lily1326
The Legend of Ra and Isis - Egyptian 8:59 Read by Lily1326
Vasilissa the Fair - Muscovite Russian 17:22 Read by Kimi Weldon
The Story of Saiáwush, Part 1 - Persian 51:09 Read by SomethingClever
The Story of Saiáwush, Part 2 - Persian 39:00 Read by SomethingClever
How the World Was Made - Philippine 10:00 Read by Joan Moy
Setuli; or, the King of the Birds - Swazi 25:33 Read by Elroi
The Story of Prometheus - Greek 21:33 Read by Olly AG
The Story of Io - Greek 12:10 Read by Olly AG
The Deformed of Zoar - Western New York, United States 2:55 Read by zadzalaz