Trent's Last Case (The Woman in Black)

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(3.9 stars; 7 reviews)

Trent's Last Case (US title The Woman in Black) is actually the first novel in which gentleman sleuth Philip Trent appears. The novel is a whodunit whose unique place in the history of detective fiction is because it is at the same time the first major send-up of that very genre: Not only does Trent fall in love with one of the primary suspects — usually considered a no-no — he also, after painstakingly collecting all the evidence, draws all the wrong conclusions. Convinced that he has tracked down the murderer of a business tycoon who was shot in his mansion, he is told by the real perpetrator over dinner what mistakes in the logical deduction of the solution of the crime he has made. On hearing what really happened, Trent vows that he will never again attempt to dabble in crime detection. (Summary from Wikipedia) (7 hr 4 min)


PROLOGUE (BAD NEWS) 16:46 Read by Katie Gibboney
KNOCKING THE TOWN ENDWAYS 13:34 Read by Katie Gibboney
BREAKFAST 28:44 Read by Katie Gibboney
HANDCUFFS IN THE AIR 52:47 Read by Katie Gibboney
POKING ABOUT 29:29 Read by Jc Guan
MR. BUNNER ON THE CASE 16:55 Read by Katie Gibboney
THE LADY IN BLACK 21:35 Read by Katie Gibboney
THE INQUEST 11:32 Read by Maire Rhode
A HOT SCENT 12:41 Read by Maire Rhode
THE WIFE OF DIVES 19:55 Read by Maire Rhode
"HITHERTO UNPUBLISHED" 36:20 Read by Maire Rhode
EVIL DAYS 19:17 Read by redabrus
ERUPTION 42:13 Read by redabrus
WRITING A LETTER 8:37 Read by redabrus
DOUBLE CUNNING 1:06:01 Read by redabrus
THE LAST STRAW 28:26 Read by redabrus


Trent's Last Case

(4 stars)

This mystery dashes apart the stereotypes that you would normally expect from a mystery, I really enjoyed the story and I highly recommend it! There are three readers, the young lady from Arkansas did a good job! But, the third is not a native speaker, but I was able to understand and still follow along.

Hum fixed

(0 stars)

Hum fixed in chapters 7-11, although I couldn't hear it in my computer or on earbuds. Funny how something one considers so horrid, another cannot even hear. :)


(4 stars)

It's an excellent story. Librivox has a second version, read by a solo reader, for those listeners who prefer that option. It's available <a href="" rel="nofollow">here</a>.

Horrible hum

(2 stars)

Chapter7 has a very bad hum so I stopped listening. I don't know why Librovox accepts these bad recordings