Aurora Floyd Volume 2

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Aurora Floyd is the spoiled, impetuous, but kind hearted daughter of Archibald Floyd, a wealthy banker and his wife, an actress who died shortly after Aurora's birth. As a teenager she is sent away to finishing school in Paris. This is volume two of the story which tells of Aurora's life with her husband John Mellish. This is a story of love, murder and the search for justice. - Summary by Michele Eaton (6 hr 33 min)


Chapter 01 Love Took Up The Glass Of Time And Turned it in His Glowing Hands. 29:19 Read by jenno
Chapter 02 Mr Pastern's Letter 16:57 Read by Bethany Megill
Chapter 03 Mr James Conyers 24:04 Read by Bethany Megill
Chapter 04 The Trainer's Messenger 26:16 Read by BerthaMason
Chapter 05 Out in the Rain 37:19 Read by BerthaMason
Chapter 06 Money Matters 49:05 Read by TR Love
Chapter 07 Captain Prodder 27:19 Read by SophieCS94
Chapter 08 He Only Said I Am A-Weary 24:16 Read by Jessica Hendra
Chapter 09 Still Constant 45:00 Read by BerthaMason
Chapter 10 On the Threshold of Darker Miseries 16:50 Read by BerthaMason
Chapter 11 Captain Prodder Carries Bad News to His Niece's House 37:23 Read by roselbex
Chapter 12 The Deed That Had Been Done in the Wood 59:59 Read by roselbex