Terror Out of Space (Version 2)

Read by Phil Chenevert

(4 stars; 34 reviews)

"An eerie story of a silver land beneath the black Venusian seas. A grim tale of brooding terror whirling out of space to drive men mad, of a menace without name or form, and of the man, Lundy, who fought the horror, his eyes blinded by his will. For to see the terror was to become its slave—a mindless automaton whose only wish was to see behind the shadowed mysterious eyelids of "IT". From the publishers blurb about this story in Planet Stories, 1944 where it was first given to the public. - Summary by Publisher (1 hr 20 min)


Part I 17:20 Read by Phil Chenevert
Part II 20:13 Read by Phil Chenevert
Part III 17:32 Read by Phil Chenevert
Part IV 15:18 Read by Phil Chenevert
Part V 10:08 Read by Phil Chenevert


A classic Syfy short

(4 stars)

A good little sci-fi short read by the great Phil Chenevert

(3 stars)

not to bad for a space Opera.