Days with Walt Whitman

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"Days with Walt Whitman" is a contemplative summary of the life of Walt Whitman and the making of the poet, by one of his followers. Edward Carpenter collected a half dozen essays he had written about different aspects of the American poet's work and habits. The essays have an ecstatic but grounded style, elevating Whitman to immortality, and showcasing Carpenter's familiarity with ancient Sanskrit texts. - Summary by Czandra (3 hr 11 min)


Preface, contents, portraits 2:33 Read by czandra
A visit to Walt Whitman in 1877 28:54 Read by czandra
Walt Whitman in 1884 33:37 Read by czandra
Notes and appreciations - Whitman as prophet 24:22 Read by czandra
Appendix to Whitman as prophet 15:13 Read by czandra
Poetic form of 'Leaves of Grass' 36:03 Read by czandra
Walt Whitman's children 14:59 Read by czandra
Whitman and Emerson 32:09 Read by czandra
Other works by the same author 3:46 Read by czandra


Intriguing Sketches of a Man

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More significant yet undeservedly obscure North American literature graced us by czandra. Thank you.