Verse and Worse

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A collection of dark and humorous verse from "Col D. Streamer". This collection includes poems from The Baby's Baedeker, Perverted Proverbs, and Ruthless Rhymes for Heartless Homes. - Summary by mleigh (2 hr 30 min)


Author's Preface 1:46 Read by mleigh
Foreword 4:48 Read by Kerry Adams
Abroad 2:28 Read by Anthony Joseph
United States of America 2:10 Read by Alan Mapstone
Great Britain 1:39 Read by Alan Mapstone
Scotland 1:23 Read by Alan Mapstone
Ireland 1:13 Read by Kerry Adams
Wales 0:46 Read by Kerry Adams
China 2:08 Read by Anthony Joseph
France 1:28 Read by dc
Germany 1:28 Read by Alan Mapstone
Holland 2:10
Iceland 0:57 Read by Kerry Adams
Italy 1:55
Japan 1:19 Read by mleigh
Portugal 0:36 Read by Sadiya Bindir
Russia 1:26 Read by ml16
Spain 2:49 Read by Kerry Adams
Switzerland 1:26 Read by nighthawks
Turkey 1:38 Read by Steve Nelson
Dreamland 1:34 Read by Sadiya Bindir
Stageland 0:47 Read by Larry Wilson
Loverland 4:26 Read by Andrea Atwood
Homeland 1:22 Read by Anthony Joseph
Prelude (Childish Complaints) 3:18 Read by Andrea Atwood
Appendicitis 0:32 Read by Stefan Von Blon
Whooping-Cough 0:33 Read by Stefan Von Blon
Measles 0:33 Read by Stefan Von Blon
Adenoids 0:34 Read by Stefan Von Blon
Croup 0:31 Read by Stefan Von Blon
Mother-Wit 0:34 Read by nighthawks
Uncle Joe 0:31 Read by Adrian Stephens
Aunt Eliza 0:26 Read by Adrian Stephens
Absent-mindedness 1:05 Read by Kerry Adams
John 1:48 Read by Adrian Stephens
Baby 0:36 Read by mleigh
The Cat 1:18 Read by Stefan Von Blon
'Virtue is its own Reward' 7:35 Read by Andrea Atwood
'Enough is as Good as a Feast' 2:28 Read by Peter Yearsley
'Don't Buy a Pig in a Poke' 1:47 Read by Peter Yearsley
'Learn to Take Things Easily' 0:58 Read by mleigh
'A Rolling Stone Gathers no Moss' 2:52 Read by Peter Yearsley
'It is Never Too Late to Mend' 2:25 Read by Peter Yearsley
'A Bad Workman Complains of his Tools' 0:52 Read by Peter Yearsley
'Don't Look a Gift-horse in the Mouth' 2:03 Read by Peter Yearsley
Potpourri 4:13 Read by Peter Yearsley
Bill 2:30
The Legend of the Author 14:22 Read by Kerry Adams
The Motriot 1:48 Read by Adrian Stephens
The Ballad of the Artist 4:06 Read by Adrian Stephens
The Ballad of Ping-pong 1:51 Read by Larry Wilson
The Pessimist 1:54 Read by nighthawks
The Place where the Old Cleek Broke 2:59 Read by Greg Giordano
The Homes of London 1:50 Read by Slyma12
The Happiest Land 4:21 Read by Kerry Adams
A London Involuntary 3:11 Read by Greg Giordano
Bluebeard 13:38 Read by nighthawks
The Woman with the Dead Soles 4:15 Read by Greg Giordano
Rosemary (A Ballad of the Boudoir) 1:28 Read by Divya Sharma
Portknockie's Porter 2:48 Read by czandra
The Ballad of the Little Jinglander 4:10 Read by czandra
Aftword 2:23 Read by Larry Wilson
Envoi 1:29 Read by mleigh