The Seven Lively Arts

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

“... But, beside those great men, there is a certain number of artists who have a distinct faculty of their own by which they convey to us a peculiar quality of pleasure which we cannot get elsewhere; and these, too, have their place in general culture, and must be interpreted to it by those who have felt their charm strongly, and are often the objects of a special diligence and a consideration wholly affectionate, just because there is not about them the stress of a great name and authority.” - Summary by Walter Pater (8 hr 10 min)


The Keystone the Builders Rejected 31:54 Read by Jim Locke
An Imaginary Conversation 16:30 Read by James R. Hedrick
“I Am Here To-Day”: Charlie Chaplin 19:17 Read by Doyle Sanders
Say It with Music 16:51 Read by James R. Hedrick
Tearing a Passion to Ragtime 19:29 Read by James R. Hedrick
Toujours Jazz 47:07 Read by James R. Hedrick
Mr Dooley, Meet Mr Lardner 27:37 Read by Jim Locke
A Tribute to Florenz Ziegfeld 30:57 Read by Jim Locke
The Darktown Strutters on Broadway 15:54 Read by Jim Locke
Plan for a Lyric Theatre in America 19:40 Read by Jim Locke
The One-Man Show 17:44 Read by Andrew Gaunce
The Dæmonic in the American Theatre 16:08 Read by Andrew Gaunce
These, Too 13:45 Read by Jim Locke
The “Vulgar” Comic Strip 24:52 Read by Jim Locke
The Krazy Kat That Walks by Himself 25:34 Read by Owlivia
The Damned Effrontery of the Two-a-Day 22:25 Read by Jim Locke
They call it Dancing 15:12 Read by Jim Locke
St Simeon Stylites 15:57 Read by Jim Locke
Burlesque, Circus, Clowns, and Acrobats 5:19 Read by Alex
The True and Inimitable Kings of Laughter 11:41 Read by Alex
The Great God Bogus 17:35 Read by Jim Locke
An Open Letter to the Movie Magnates 34:45 Read by docdlmartin
Before a Picture by Picasso 24:24 Read by TR Love