Frontier Humor in Verse, Prose and Picture

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Also known for his "Brownies" books, Canadian humorist Palmer Cox give us a delightful collection of humorous verse and short prose vignettes. From the publisher's preface, "thrice happy is the man who, having seen, can tell the fun; and having told, can picture it for others’ eyes and so roll on the rollicking humor, for the brightening of a world already far too sad." - Summary by Larry Wilson (8 hr 29 min)


Publisher's Preface 1:27 Read by Larry Wilson
Ah Tie—That Deadly Pie 3:53 Read by Kerry Adams
New Year’s Callers 4:28 Read by Greg Giordano
Scenes on the Sidewalk 5:32 Read by Alan Mapstone
Sam Patterson’s Balloon 25:00 Read by Adrian Stephens
My Canine 2:44 Read by Jared Shaw
Jim Dudley’s Flight 10:56 Read by Greg Giordano
Trials of the Farmer 1:25 Read by Jared Shaw
A Cunning Dodge 5:06 Read by Jared Shaw
A Terrible Take in 3:18 Read by insiaakberali
A Family Jar 6:14 Read by Darrell Nobles
The Rod of Correction 3:28 Read by insiaakberali
Gone from his Gaze 2:11 Read by insiaakberali
St. Patrick’s Day 7:20 Read by ABVoice
The Contented Frog 5:32 Read by Mary Balmer
All Fools’ Day 4:56 Read by Mary Balmer
Finding a Horse-shoe 10:07 Read by Weretortoise
An Evening with Scientists 3:19 Read by D. Olsen
Our Table Girl 2:25 Read by J. A. Taylor
An Old Woman in Peril 5:37 Read by Kathy Kay
For Better or for Worse 2:59 Read by Adrian Stephens
Ode on a Bumble-bee 5:26 Read by Mary Balmer
Dudley and the Greased Pig 19:26 Read by Greg Giordano
Cora Lee 5:58 Read by Alan Mapstone
A Brilliant Forensic Effort 6:03 Read by D. Olsen
Visiting a School 2:18 Read by David Lawrence
The Rejected Suitor 3:55 Read by Greg Giordano
A Night of Terror 4:12 Read by Mary Balmer
My Drive to the Cliff 4:28 Read by D. Olsen
Second Sight 4:07 Read by David Lawrence
The Thief 9:20 Read by Kerry Adams
A Startling Cat-astrophe 2:30 Read by David Ross
A Trip to the Mountains 11:43 Read by J. A. Taylor
An Impatient Undertaker 10:14 Read by J. A. Taylor
Sermon on a Pin 2:50 Read by Larry Wilson
Dudley’s Fight with the Texan 20:59 Read by Greg Giordano
Roller Skating 2:14 Read by Mary Balmer
A Terrible Nose 5:35 Read by J. A. Taylor
A Masked Battery 7:19 Read by J. A. Taylor
The Prize I Didn’t Win 3:04 Read by J. A. Taylor
The Countryman’s Tooth 2:52 Read by Adrian Stephens
Mining Stocks 2:38 Read by Adrian Stephens
Ode on a Flea 4:46 Read by Alan Mapstone
Fighting it Out on that Line 4:35 Read by Adrian Stephens
Dudley’s Fight with Dr. Tweezer 13:54 Read by Greg Giordano
My Neighbor Worsted 4:02 Read by Larry Wilson
The Breathing Spell 1:39 Read by Kathy Kay
A Visit to Benicia 7:10 Read by J. A. Taylor
Too Much of Indian 3:17 Read by amazingspace48.TT
Going Up the Spout 10:10 Read by Kathy Kay
The Glorious Fourth 3:11 Read by Alan Mapstone
Jim Dudley’s Sermon 22:08 Read by Greg Giordano
The Poisoned Pet 3:24 Read by J. A. Taylor
Seeking for a Wife 7:35 Read by Kathy Kay
David Goyle the Miller Man 9:39 Read by D. Olsen
Heels Up and Heads Down 3:14 Read by J. A. Taylor
The Bitter End 4:50 Read by J. A. Taylor
A Trip to the Interior 16:16 Read by MTLisa
Hunting with a Vengeance 6:09 Read by Alan Mapstone
The Art Gallery 4:10 Read by JW Watson
A Rolling Stone 3:33 Read by docdlmartin
Riding in the Street Cars 8:56 Read by J. A. Taylor
Simon Rand 9:42 Read by J. A. Taylor
The Value of a Collar 6:44 Read by Bill Mosley
Quaint Epitaphs 5:50 Read by Bill Mosley
Mistaken Identity 4:54 Read by Bill Mosley
Flirting and What Came of It 1:58 Read by Alan Mapstone
The Champion Mean Man 18:18 Read by Bill Mosley
In a Thousand Years 3:15 Read by Greg Giordano
The Cobbler’s End 5:42 Read by J. A. Taylor
The Last of his Race 2:03 Read by J. A. Taylor
Jim Dudley’s Race 16:06 Read by Greg Giordano
Oleomargarine 3:04 Read by Alan Mapstone
Dining Under Difficulties 4:01 Read by Kaye Burke
Answers to Correspondents 2:58 Read by MTLisa
Court-room Scenes 4:52 Read by Greg Giordano
The Mason’s Ride 3:24 Read by Alan Mapstone
June 2:45 Read by Kaye Burke
The Anniversary 4:04 Read by MTLisa
A Country Tour 3:53 Read by Mark Wayne
A Trip Across the Bay 3:14 Read by czandra
Christmas Eve 5:12 Read by Larry Wilson