Nicholas Nickleby: A Farce in 2 Acts

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This stage adaptation of Dickens’ novel debuted in November of 1838 at the Adelphi Theater in London. Only eight installments of the story had been published at that time, therefore several characters such as the theatrical Crummles family who play an important part in the latter half of the text do not appear in this work. The ending of this adaptation is also wholly a creation of playwright Edward Stirling, not novelist Dickens. Charles Dickens attended a performance of the play which starred comedienne Mary Keeley in the role of Smike. Despite his usual stern disapproval of unauthorized versions of his works, Dickens is said to have thoroughly the enjoyed performances and Stirling’s take on “Nickleby.” (Summary by Kelly Taylor)

Cast List:

Nicholas Nickleby ToddHW
Ralph Nickleby Tomas Peter
Newman Noggs Adrian Stephens
Mantellini Algy Pug
Squeers Alan Mapstone
Scaley Rob Marland
Smike Jake Malizia
Lord Verisopht Greg Giordano
John Browdie Andrew Latheron
Wendy Katz Hiller
Kate Nickleby Jenn Broda
Madame Mantilini Matea Bracic
Miss Knagg TJ Burns
Miss Squeers Michele Eaton
Miss Price Lynette Caulkins
Mrs. Squeers mleigh
Waiter David Purdy
Servant James R. Hedrick
Guard Jim Locke
Boys Joanna Michal Hoyt
Girls Bethany Baldwin

Stage Directions Kelly S. Taylor
(1 hr 33 min)


ACT I 54:52 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
ACT II 38:41 Read by LibriVox Volunteers