The Story of My Life, Part 2 (Letters 1887 - 1901)

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When Helen Keller's autobiography was first published in 1903, Part 1 of this 3 part book, she was just a young woman studying at Radcliffe College. In it, she shares memories of her childhood, describes how Miss Sullivan rescued her from complete darkness, and reflects on her experiences as a college student.

Part 2 is a collection of Helen's letters from age 8 through 1901, addressed to various teachers, friends and mentors. This is interspersed with introductory commentary by her editor John Albert Macy. It is fascinating to see how her awareness of the world expanded as she matured, how much she relied on "teacher" (Anne Sullivan) to be her eyes ears, and interpreter of life, and displays her extraordinary graciousness, and ability to paint word pictures from an early age.

Part 3 of this book includes in-depth writings by her teacher, Anne Mansfield Sullivan, on her teaching methods, their experiences learning together; and additional insightful commentary by editor John Albert Macy on Helen’s extraordinary education, personality, giftedness, and literary style.

The 1962 hit movie "The Miracle Worker" (nominated for 5 academy awards), starring Anne Bancroft (won Best Actress) and Patty Duke (won Best Supporting Actress), was based upon information in this book. (Summary by Michele Fry) (4 hr 5 min)


01. Introduction 5:22 Read by Wayne Cooke
02. Letters 1-12 22:09 Read by Wayne Cooke
03. Letters 13-19 19:32 Read by Wayne Cooke
04. Letters 20-27 19:51 Read by Wayne Cooke
05. Letters 28-34 21:48 Read by Wayne Cooke
06. Letters 35-43 19:55 Read by Wayne Cooke
07. Letters 44-53 21:29 Read by Wayne Cooke
08. Letters 54-63 21:57 Read by Wayne Cooke
09. Letters 64-73 20:14 Read by Wayne Cooke
10. Letters 74-87 20:46 Read by Wayne Cooke
11. Letters 88-95 18:06 Read by Wayne Cooke
12. Letters 96-103 20:00 Read by Wayne Cooke
13. Letters 104-110 14:34 Read by Wayne Cooke