The Golden Bough. A Study in Magic and Religion. Part 4. Adonis Attis Osiris. V…

Read by Leon Harvey

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The fifth volume and the first of two in the fourth part of Frazer's seminal work on the evolution of belief deals with the semi mythological legends of the Mediterranean and the eastern civilizations. Many analogies are traced between the worship of Osiris and the worship of the dead, especially of dead kings. The conclusion to which these analogies appear to the point is that under the mythical pall of the glorified Osiris, the god who died and rose again from the dead, there once lay the body of a dead man. The traditions of sacred men and women, ritual sacrifice and burning of gods, the influence of volcanoes upon religion, and the festivals of death and resurrection feature heavily. - Summary by Leon Harvey (9 hr 29 min)


PREFACE. Preface to the first edition, Preface to the second edition, Preface t… 6:28 Read by Leon Harvey
I. THE MYTH OF ADONIS. Changes of the seasons explained by the life and death o… 15:43 Read by Leon Harvey
II. ADONIS IN SYRIA. Adonis and Astarte worshipped at Byblus, the kingdom of Ci… 28:24 Read by Leon Harvey
III. ADONIS IN CYPRUS. Phoenician colonies in Cyrpus, Kingdom of paphos, Sanctu… 43:32 Read by Leon Harvey
IV. SACRED MEN AND WOMEN. Part 1. 1. AN ALTERNATIVE THEORY. Theory of the secul… 50:00 Read by Leon Harvey
IV. SACRED MEN AND WOMEN. Part 2. 7. REINCARNATION OF THE DEAD. Belief that the… 55:02 Read by Leon Harvey
V. THE BURNING OF MELCARTH. Semitic custom of sacrificing a member of the royal… 14:41 Read by Leon Harvey
VI. THE BURNING OF SANDAN. Part 1. 1. THE BAAL OF TARSUS. The Tyrian Melcarth … 44:42 Read by Leon Harvey
VI. THE BURNING OF SANDAN Part 2. 5. SANDAN AND THE BAAL OF TARSUS. Sandan at T… 59:37 Read by Leon Harvey
VIII. VOLCANIC RELIGION. 1. THE BURNING OF A GOD. The custom of burning a god p… 1:10:37 Read by Leon Harvey
IX. THE RITUAL OF ADONIS. Results of the preceding inquiry, Festivals of the de… 22:22 Read by Leon Harvey
X. THE GARDENS OF ADONIS. Pots of corn, herbs, and flowers called the Gardens o… 49:55 Read by Leon Harvey
BOOK SECOND. ATTIS. I. THE MYTH AND RITUAL OF ATTIS. Attis the Phrygian counter… 19:17 Read by Leon Harvey
II. ATTIS AS A GOD OF VEGETATION. Sancity of the pine-tree in the worship of At… 15:25 Read by Leon Harvey
V. THE HANGED GOD. Death of Marsyas on the tree, Marsyas apparently a double of… 15:29 Read by Leon Harvey
VI. ORIENTAL RELIGIONS IN THE WEST. Popularity of the worship of Cybele and Att… 28:39 Read by Leon Harvey