The Tale of Betsy Butterfly (Version 2)

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Betsy Butterfly has an exciting time in the meadow. Some dangers of course but lots of fun and productive work. Join her as she flutters from adventure to adventure. - Summary by phil chenevert (1 hr 33 min)


Beauty and the Blosoms 4:16 Read by Jenn Broda
Johnny Green's Net 6:08 Read by mleigh
A Mishap 7:43 Read by mleigh
Busybodies 6:21 Read by mleigh
No Joker 4:06 Read by Jenn Broda
Mrs. Ladybug's Advice 3:58 Read by Nan Dodge
Butterfly Bill 4:20 Read by Nan Dodge
Do You Like Butter? 3:55 Read by Nan Dodge
Unexpected News 2:54 Read by MaybeCordelia
The Night Watch 3:12 Read by MaybeCordelia
A Sly One 3:37 Read by Julian Pratley
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Nothing but a Fraud 4:23 Read by Marie Christian
Dusty's Difficulty 3:20 Read by Jenjayne
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Something Seems Wrong 3:59 Read by Joanna Schreck
A Strange Change 5:47 Read by Joanna Schreck
The Skipper 4:42 Read by Joanna Schreck