The Catholic Church and Conversion

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(5 stars; 6 reviews)

Written after his conversion, G.K. Chesterton explains his understanding of Catholicism, and discusses the nature and the process of conversion to the Catholic faith. (Summary by Maria Therese) (2 hr 33 min)


Editor's Note 7:47 Read by Richa Jain
Introductory: A New Religion 13:28 Read by Richa Jain
The Obvious Blunders 34:36 Read by Sean Lester
The Real Obstacles 39:14 Read by Marie Christian
The World Inside Out 19:16 Read by Tatiana Chichilla
The Exception Proves the Rule 29:15 Read by Margaret Herbers
A Note on Present Prospects 9:56 Read by Kerry Adams


Chesterton's Conversion Story, wit and wisdom.

(5 stars)