Serbian Fairy Tales

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(3.8 stars; 10 reviews)

Collection of traditional Serbian fairy tales as translated by Elodie Mijatovich, a British author living in Belgrade. Although different, parallels can be drawn with more well-known fairy stories. - Summary by LynneT (5 hr 40 min)


The Bear’s Son 13:18 Read by dc
The Golden Apple-Tree and the Nine Peahens 34:57 Read by SusannahLouise
Papalluga, or the Golden Slipper 11:18 Read by DaleBarkley
Satan’s Jugglings and God’s Might 7:56 Read by Kerry Adams
Good Deeds Are Never Lost 19:13 Read by Jananiram
The Wicked Stepmother 9:26 Read by docdlmartin
Bird Girl 5:00 Read by MedoraKay
Sir Peppercorn 31:30 Read by Steve Nelson
Bash-Chalek; or True Steel 43:15 Read by Anna Goss
The Biter Bit 23:55 Read by docdlmartin
The Trade that No One Knows 26:18 Read by Andrea Atwood
The Three Suitors 10:48 Read by DaleBarkley
TheGolden-Haired Twins 14:13 Read by MedoraKay
The Dream of the King’s Son 11:10 Read by DaleBarkley
The Three Brothers 53:32 Read by docdlmartin
The Shepherd and the King’s daughter 24:32 Read by docdlmartin


(3 stars)

Quite repetitive the storys but still a good entertainment.

very nice and entertaining book...i love it's Stories....

(5 stars)