Legends of Old Honolulu

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Hawai'i: land of wonder and beauty and a culture rich in history and mythology. Dr. Westervelt settled in Hawai'i as a young man and collected stories and myths from his adopted home. Here we have a collection dedicated to the largest city, Honolulu. - Summary by Lynne Thompson (6 hr 39 min)


Introduction and notes on Pronunciation 8:08 Read by Larry Wilson
The Migration of the Hawaiians 22:01 Read by Adrian Stephens
Legendary Places in Honolulu 14:09 Read by Adrian Stephens
The God of Pakaka Temple 7:50 Read by Adrian Stephens
Legend of the Bread-fruit Tree 12:23 Read by Adrian Stephens
The Gods who found Water 9:21 Read by Adrian Stephens
The Water of Life of Ka-ne 14:58 Read by Andrea Atwood
Mamala the Surf-rider 5:34 Read by Kerry Adams
A Shark punished at Waikiki 3:59 Read by Larry Wilson
The Legendary Origin of Kapa 12:44 Read by TCMS
Creation of Man 5:20 Read by Larry Wilson
The Chief with the Wonderful Servants 8:38 Read by madhushree
The Great Dog Ku 11:52 Read by matty_castaway
The Cannibal Dog-man 8:51 Read by matty_castaway
The Canoe of the Dragon 10:36 Read by LibriVoxalohaaaa
The Wonderful Shell 7:23 Read by TCMS
The Ghost Dance on Punchbowl 14:43 Read by Adrian Stephens
The Bird-man of Nuuanu Valley 7:37 Read by LibriVoxalohaaaa
The Owls of Honolulu 12:40 Read by Cary Kawamoto
The Two Fish from Tahiti 11:27 Read by Cary Kawamoto
Iwa, the Notable Thief of Oahu 10:58 Read by Cary Kawamoto
Pikoi the Rat-killer 25:15 Read by Adrian Stephens
Kawelo 26:52 Read by Adrian Stephens
“Chief Man-eater” 24:27 Read by Adrian Stephens
Lepe-a-moa Part 1 19:03 Read by TCMS
Lepe-a-moa Part 2 28:09 Read by TCMS
Kamapuaa Legends 48:24 Read by docdlmartin
Appendix: Polynesian Language 6:02 Read by Larry Wilson