Industrial Revolution

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Ever think how deadly a thing it is if a machine has amnesia--or how easily it can be arranged....
- Summary by Poul Anderson (1 hr 47 min)


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(5 stars)

Really interesting story, solid dynamics and situation. It’s a story that is satisfying and just sits right afterwards. The reader does a great job too!


(0.5 stars)

I think maybe I heard a different version of this and it was decent but I really can’t stand the reader. —— Um also how many people are going to say this author is prescient? Maybe ray cyst is actually making fun of that. (He’s a troll) This author writes 40 percent good books and none of them are prescient. Also that might not be a real word. Lol I learned it on the comments. Anyway he’s not precogniscient. :) That’s retarded.

amazingly presient

(5 stars)

Well written and narrated. Author wrote this in the 50s, and yet he is actually using the term ’social justice'. Back in the 1950s BIPOCs were still kept as slaves by whites. Story depicts the brave struggle of a united North America, led by brave social justice warriors against an evil group of white capitalist, who want to gobble up all the asteroids. Deserves a listen