A Taste of New Mexico Kitchens

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From the New Mexico Magazine comes a selection of recipes unique to this region, selected from two cookbooks previously published. Sample, "Stacked enchiladas topped with an egg and smothered in pungent red sauce, tender sopaipillas, rich and meaty posole stew, green chile, and blue corn tortillas" among others. - Summary by Larry Wilson (1 hr 6 min)


Introduction 1:54 Read by Larry Wilson
Main Courses Part 1 18:46 Read by mleigh
Main Courses Part 2 8:34 Read by BettyB
Chile 11:44 Read by Jenn Broda
Favorite Foods 6:28 Read by Kerry Adams
Breads 7:45 Read by BettyB
Desserts 7:48 Read by BettyB
Drinks & Glossary 3:07 Read by BettyB