Myths and Legends Around the World - Collection 15

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

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This collection is dedicated to recordings of short mythical or legendary works which are in the Public Domain. The stories tell of legends, heroes, myths, and ancient lore from many different cultures. (Summary by Lynette Caulkins) (2 hr 11 min)


The Brahmin Girl Who Married a Tiger - Southern India 15:24 Read by Yoganandh T
The Blue Belt - Norwegian 29:42 Read by Jarom Masters
The Cock's Kraal - Swazi 6:58 Read by dmcgott
Babouscka - Russian 10:55 Read by Lee Vogler
How an Ikum Woman Abandoned One of Her Twins in the Forest, and How it was Save… 8:50 Read by Jerome Ware
The Monkey and the Turtle - Philippine 5:14 Read by Fatimah Garcia
The Hawk and the Hen - Philippine 3:20 Read by Fatimah Garcia
The Vigil of Mah May - Burmese 19:25 Read by Ahana M
Deer Lake - North American Vancouver 9:21 Read by Krista Zaleski
Planting a Pear Tree - Chinese 5:05 Read by Angela Liao
How Two Friends Fell Out: The Spider and the Grasshopper - Nigerian 12:20 Read by Jerome Ware
Jupiter and His Mighty Company - Greek 5:23 Read by Ahana M