The Outdoor Girls at Bluff Point

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(3.6 stars; 6 reviews)

This is the 10th book in the "Outdoor Girls" series.

The Hostess House at Camp Liberty having burnt down, the chums find themselves forced to take a much-needed, although not entirely welcome, vacation and had decided to spend it at a romantic spot near the ocean called Bluff Point. The cottage on the bluff had been loaned to the girls by Grace's patriotic Aunt Mary, who declared that she owed something to the chums for having worked so hard for the good old Stars and Stripes. Mrs. Ford, worn out with war work, had gone with the girls to chaperon them.

Bad tidings at first threaten to overwhelm the chums. The Fords received word that Will was seriously wounded "somewhere in France" and later Mollie received a telegram from her mother saying that the twins, Dodo and Paul, had disappeared. (Summary adapted from the next book) (4 hr 56 min)


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(2 stars)

Never read a book with such pessimistic characters. So depressing too 😩 Was definitely the worst book of the series.