Strange Roads & With the Gods in Spring

Read by Ben Tucker

(4.8 stars; 8 reviews)

The centerpieces of this collection are two essays by Arthur Machen, Strange Roads and With the Gods in Spring. Both use images of journeys through the countryside to evoke a sense of place and an innate spiritualism found in nature. In addition to these two essays, taken from a stand-alone chapbook publication are two thematically similar poems by Machen that evoke folk legends of his native Wales. The collection is kicked off by an insightful appraisal of Machen's literary career and his place in the pantheon of great authors of late Victorian period literature by Vincent Starlett. (Summary by Ben Tucker) (0 hr 56 min)


I. Arthur Machen: A Novelist of Ecstasy & Sin 29:52 Read by Ben Tucker
II. The Remembrance of the Bard 2:01 Read by Ben Tucker
III. The Praise of Myfanwy 2:23 Read by Ben Tucker
IV. Strange Roads 13:20 Read by Ben Tucker
V. With the Gods in Spring 9:10 Read by Ben Tucker



(5 stars)

One of my favourite authors read by one of my favourite readers. The summary gives great insight into Machan's works and allots him well deserved high praise. Ben reads with true feeling that wings the words into the heart.