Civil War Women, North And South

Read by David Wales

(4.2 stars; 5 reviews)

This recording comprises two narratives. One is by Cora Mitchel who in 1861 was a girl in her mid-teens. Her Unionist family escaped the Confederacy from their home in south Georgia to Rhode Island. This is her story written about 1916. The second narrative is by Charlotte St. Julien Ravenel of South Carolina, a contemporary journal written in the closing months of the civil war in 1865. - Summary by David Wales (1 hr 18 min)


Reminiscences Of The Civil War 37:45 Read by David Wales
Journal Letter Kept By Miss Charlotte St. J. Ravenel 40:32 Read by David Wales


interesting in spite of monotone

(3 stars)

good perspectives of the locals at the time and from both sides. the interesting content breaks through the monotone reading