The Autobiography of a "Newspaper Girl"

Read by TriciaG

(4.1 stars; 9 reviews)

Elizabeth Banks was an American journalist and author. She grew up in Wisconsin, then lived in England the last forty years of her life. She became a regular contributor to English publications such as The Daily News, Punch, St James' Gazette, and London Illustrated. She created a sensation by recording her observations on the plight of the lower classes, which she researched posing as a housemaid, street sweeper, and Covent Garden flower girl. Her later journalistic writings promoted women's right to vote and denounced prison conditions for jailed suffragettes. This memoir was written about 10 years into her career, when she was better known but was not financially secure.
Her public-facing accounts of her "undercover" work are related in Campaigns of Curiosity - Summary by TriciaG and Wikipedia (9 hr 25 min)


I Am Committed to the Charge of the Angels 11:01 Read by TriciaG
The "Angels" and What They Were Like 22:53 Read by TriciaG
I Go to Peru as a "Girl-Diplomat" 26:51 Read by TriciaG
Into the Wide, Wide World of Journalism 25:49 Read by TriciaG
In London Town 20:49 Read by TriciaG
When I Began to Starve in London 24:28 Read by TriciaG
I Become a Maidservant 22:19 Read by TriciaG
When I Found Myself a "Heroine" 26:14 Read by TriciaG
Why I Did Not Become a Salvation Army "Lassie" 13:52 Read by TriciaG
A Deal in Ancestors 27:44 Read by TriciaG
A Midnight Holocaust 15:19 Read by TriciaG
On the Bringing Out of a First Book 6:20 Read by TriciaG
An American Millionaire Hunts Me Up 20:43 Read by TriciaG
The Departure of Dinah 13:53 Read by TriciaG
Economy for Two 26:05 Read by TriciaG
An Encounter with Mrs. Lynn Linton 20:10 Read by TriciaG
Home Again, and in "The Way of Life" 25:30 Read by TriciaG
Some Questions of Journalistic Ethics 22:57 Read by TriciaG
"--And Have Not Charity" 7:24 Read by TriciaG
"In the Name of Christ" 22:21 Read by TriciaG
A Little Joyousness and Some Tragedy 19:51 Read by TriciaG
The Love-Story of Miss Johnstone, Journalist 23:15 Read by TriciaG
The Story of a "Failure" 20:34 Read by TriciaG
Some Proposals and Some Love-Letters 17:24 Read by TriciaG
An "Editorial Bouquet" 21:11 Read by TriciaG
On Interviewing and Some Interviews 23:09 Read by TriciaG
About My Enemies, and the Meanest Man I Ever Met 17:39 Read by TriciaG
Looking Backward--and Forward 19:20 Read by TriciaG


Outstanding book

(5 stars)

First if all, this book is excellent. I love how the author shares her experiences as a journalist so beautifully. Secondly, I enjoyed TriciaG's reading, in my opinion, she vividly reads so well, this made the book extraordinary.

(5 stars)

A great and entertaining autobiography of a clever and resourceful woman. The author’s writing style is wonderful and very agreeable to listen to, and thank you to the reader for bringing it to life!

(4.5 stars)

absolutely a all around winner! it has interest, and some very interesting cultural comparisons between the American and the British people at this time.


(5 stars)

A great writer and a great story. My only wish is that it were longer. Well read too.


(5 stars)

Excellent story and so well read.