The Early Church Collection Volume 3

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This collection begins with Augustine's exposition of the Apostles' Creed, a confession of faith (particularly addressing the Trinity) attributed to Gregory Thaumaturgus and a series of statements on christology. Then come two works attributed to Hippolytus and a treatise addressed to Tatian arguing, without using Scripture, for the existence of the soul. Dionysius of Alexandria comments on the authorship of the book of Revelation and Alexander, archbishop of Alexandria excommunicates Arius (this was probably ghostwritten by Athanasius). What remains of "a discourse on the Divine Nature and the Incarnation, against the heretics Beron and Helix" is followed by several exegetical works by Dionysius of Alexandria and the beginning of a treatise of the resurrection usually attributed to Justin Martyr. "Discourse on all the Saints" concerns martyrs and the fragments of Lactantius were written by the adviser of Constantine, the first Christian Romans emperor. A survey of Christian novels follows (some of the works referenced can be found here and here). The Phoenix may or may not have been written by Lactantius and formed the basis for a well-known Old English poem. Amongst several short works, there are Cyprian's extracts from the Old testament prophets exhorting to repentance and his treatise on chastity. Augustine preaches a sermon on the virtue of patience, Gregory of Nyssa laments the death of Meletius (a bishop) and then advises Christians not to go on pilgrimages to Jerusalem. This collection ends with the martyr story of Symphorosa and her family.
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On the Creed: A Sermon to the Catechumens 32:14 Read by InTheDesert
A Sectional Confession of Faith 32:45 Read by InTheDesert
A Fragment of the same Declaration of Faith 1:59 Read by InTheDesert
Twelve Topics on the Faith 12:39 Read by InTheDesert
The Discourse on the Holy Theophany 15:18 Read by InTheDesert
Canons of the Church of Alexandria 7:23 Read by InTheDesert
Topical Discourse on the Subject of the Soul 13:38 Read by InTheDesert
From the Two Books on the Promises in opposition to Noetus, a Bishop in Egypt 15:38 Read by InTheDesert
Encyclical of Alexander Excommunicating Arius 9:11 Read by InTheDesert
Against Beron and Helix 17:25 Read by InTheDesert
A Commentary on the Beginning of Ecclesiastes 17:51 Read by InTheDesert
An Interpretation of the Gospel according to Luke 14:21 Read by InTheDesert
Another Fragment on Luke 22:46 4:08 Read by InTheDesert
Fragments of the Lost Work of Justin on the Resurrection 26:39 Read by InTheDesert
Discourse on all the Saints 6:24 Read by InTheDesert
Fragments of Lactantius Firmianus 3:01 Read by InTheDesert
A Fragment on John 8:12 1:38 Read by InTheDesert
Greek and Early Christian Novels Part 1 25:51 Read by InTheDesert
Greek and Early Christian Novels Part 2 48:04 Read by InTheDesert
The Phoenix 10:41 Read by InTheDesert
Fragments of the Epistles of Alexander 3:40 Read by InTheDesert
Exhortation to Repentance 14:10 Read by InTheDesert
Fragments of a Second Epistle to Dionysius of Rome 12:07 Read by InTheDesert
Decrees of Fabian 4:39 Read by InTheDesert
A Fragment on the Reception of the Lapsed to Penitence 2:01 Read by InTheDesert
Of the Discipline and Advantage of Chastity 23:14 Read by InTheDesert
On Patience 45:20 Read by InTheDesert
Funeral Oration on Meletius 23:06 Read by InTheDesert
On Pilgrimages 8:54 Read by InTheDesert
The Passion of St. Symphorosa and her Seven Sons 4:47 Read by InTheDesert


good audio quality. nice sermon by st augustine

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