The Gutting of Couffignal

Read by Winston Tharp

(4.2 stars; 15 reviews)

Dashiell Hammett’s hardboiled detective is assigned by his agency to guard a stash of wedding presents on an exclusive Bay Area island. Just as he settles in for what he thinks will be a boring break from the pursuit of bad guys, the lights go out and the sounds of gunfire and explosions shatter the quiet of the night. A military style assault on the island ‘s rich residents is underway, and only the Continental Op can stop it! - Summary by Winston Tharp (1 hr 8 min)


I 25:27 Read by Winston Tharp
II 21:25 Read by Winston Tharp
III 21:25 Read by Winston Tharp


Enjoyable and Light Short Story

(5 stars)

Fun listening-great narration. I enjoy listening to this while doing dishes or crafting.