Famous Men of Rome

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(4.3 stars; 77 reviews)

Biographical sketches of the men of Rome, written for children. (Summary by Laura Caldwell) (4 hr 37 min)


Preface 3:40 Read by Laura Caldwell
Romulus 18:24 Read by Laura Caldwell
Numa Pompilius 9:33 Read by Jason Mayoff
The Horatii and the Curiatii 7:09 Read by Jason Mayoff
The Tarquins 14:31 Read by Andy
Junius Brutus 8:23 Read by Philippa
Horatius 5:08 Read by Andy
Mucius the Left-Handed 4:24 Read by Andy
Coriolanus 9:35 Read by Philippa
The Fabii 5:15 Read by Alec Daitsman
Cincinnatus 6:27 Read by Alec Daitsman
Camillus 15:56 Read by Alec Daitsman
Manlius Torquatus 5:44 Read by Alec Daitsman
Appius Claudius Caecus 9:22 Read by Alec Daitsman
Regulus 7:49 Read by Alec Daitsman
Scipio Africanus 15:47 Read by FirstKnight
Cato the Censor 7:07 Read by FirstKnight
The Gracchi 6:29 Read by FirstKnight
Marius 13:14 Read by James Christopher
Sulla 9:34 Read by James Christopher
Pompey the Great 9:15 Read by James Christopher
Julius Caesar 19:52 Read by James Christopher
Cicero 5:10 Read by Philippa
Augustus 8:51 Read by Alec Daitsman
Nero 9:34 Read by Alec Daitsman
Titus 5:20 Read by Alec Daitsman
Trajan 5:32 Read by Alec Daitsman
Marcus Aurelius 12:45 Read by Leon Mire
Constantine the Great 8:20 Read by Leon Mire
End of the Western Empire 9:03 Read by Kristine Bekere


Makes an excellent companion with their Famous Greeks book.

(4 stars)

Well written; More like a story than history.

(5 stars)

This was a fun piece to listen to. Although it was historical it read more like fiction than anything. Most readers were pleasant. Good lessons to follow.

(3.5 stars)

These stories sounds like fairy tales. Not a historian so not sure how accurate they are.

Only Caesar and Nero are interesting

(5 stars)

Greece is much more interesting.

(4 stars)

I enjoyed the information. It left me wanting more though.

I love Roman history and ancient warfare.

(5 stars)