Show Boat

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Published in 1926, Show Boat tells of three generations of the Hawks-Ravenal family and the Cotton Blossom Floating Palace Theatre on the Mississippi and other rivers, from the Reconstruction Era of the 1880s, to the Gilded Age and Roaring Twenties. The story was made into a Broadway musical in 1927 and into films (both a silent film and a partial "talkie") in 1929.

NOTE: There are issues of race in the story, particularly anti-Black stereotypes and derogatory terms. It is LibriVox's policy to record texts as written. - Summary by TriciaG (10 hr 57 min)


Chapter 1 45:25 Read by docdlmartin
Chapter 2 38:17 Read by Olivia Mazzone
Chapter 3 26:52 Read by docdlmartin
Chapter 4 31:14 Read by docdlmartin
Chapter 5 48:31 Read by docdlmartin
Chapter 6 48:36 Read by FloraMetrick
Chapter 7 30:41 Read by FloraMetrick
Chapter 8 32:19 Read by FloraMetrick
Chapter 9 45:11 Read by FloraMetrick
Chapter 10 38:51 Read by FloraMetrick
Chapter 11 38:57 Read by FloraMetrick
Chapter 12 14:56 Read by Krista Zaleski
Chapter 13 31:55 Read by FloraMetrick
Chapter 14 37:31 Read by FloraMetrick
Chapter 15 23:23 Read by Yoganandh T
Chapter 16 40:29 Read by FloraMetrick
Chapter 17 32:13 Read by Jay Randolph
Chapter 18 24:53 Read by KimberlyB
Chapter 19 27:11 Read by FloraMetrick


Robotic Reader, Couldn't Listen

(1 stars)

I had been hoping this title would be added. Imagine my disappointment when I couldn't even finish the first chapter. The reader on that chapter and many others, was so monotone and robotic sounding I truly couldn't listen. I know they are volunteers, but perhaps a trial chapter could be proof listened before an entire book is done?

(1 stars)

Please ban this reader from volunteering