Modern Russian Literature

Read by Kazbek

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Prince D.S. Mirsky was a prominent Russian literary historian who spent several years in emigration, teaching at the University of London. This book, published in 1925, presents a brief and incisive overview of Russian literature of the 19th and early 20th centuries. It was written in English and meant to be accessible to the general reading public in the West. - Summary by Kazbek (4 hr 57 min)


Preliminary 22:55 Read by Kazbek
The Age of the Great Novelists. 1. 'The Natural School': Aksakov 22:54 Read by Kazbek
2. From Turgenev to Leskov 53:52 Read by Kazbek
3. Dostoevsky and Tolstoy 1:06:29 Read by Kazbek
4. The Drama 12:37 Read by Kazbek
5. Poets 13:00 Read by Kazbek
6. Critics and Publicists 18:07 Read by Kazbek
7. Chekhov and after 49:05 Read by Kazbek
The New Age 38:56 Read by Kazbek