Stories of the Rhine

Read by Ben Tucker

(3.9 stars; 9 reviews)

Émile Erckmann and Alexandre Chatrian, more widely known by their joint nom de plume Erckmann-Chatrian, were in their time more recognized and known locally for their militaristic historical fiction. But of perhaps a more long-lasting influence was their strange and fantastical stories of the macabre where one imagines they were influenced by fellow weird writer E. T. A. Hoffmann of whom many of their stories strikes a similar feel. Noted horror authors such as M. R. James and H. P. Lovecraft have at times professed to have been fans of their work as well. Stories of the Rhine is one of several translated story collections released in the English-speaking world, collecting primarily tales that take place in the French countryside near the Rhine river close to the border of Germany. These are tales of murder, madness and fantastical occurrences unexplained by traditional science. They are tales of cruel people and those who suffer because of them. Fans of weird fiction will find much to like in this unsettling collection of stories. (Summary by Ben Tucker) (3 hr 41 min)


I. My illustrious Friend, Selsam 28:16 Read by Ben Tucker
II. The Miraculous Draught of Fishes 30:38 Read by Ben Tucker
III. The Child-Stealer 27:40 Read by Ben Tucker
IV. Black and White 37:20 Read by Ben Tucker
V. Hans Wieland, the Cabalist 30:41 Read by Ben Tucker
VI. The Raven's Requiem 25:09 Read by Ben Tucker
VII. The Song of the Tun 15:30 Read by Ben Tucker
VIII. Citizen Schneider 25:53 Read by Ben Tucker


strange tales

(4.5 stars)

I enjoyed the tales and the narration. Thank you for reading this collection of stories. Bruce G