The Mouthpiece of Zitu

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This sequel to "Palos of the Dog Star Pack" continues to follow Jason Croft on his adventures on Palos. Having abandoned his earthly body, Jason's astral projection has taken up residence in a man of Palos. Due to his extraordinary knowledge and skills, the high priest has declared Jason the voice of God. Which places his plans for marrying Naia - the entire reason for his being there - in jeopardy. - Summary by Krista Zaleski (8 hr 37 min)


The New Patient 15:02 Read by jon01
Explanations 18:05 Read by Paul Lawley-Jones
Harnessed To Heaven 18:58 Read by Paul Lawley-Jones
Man Or Mouth? 16:40 Read by tjfria
Behind The Silver Door 28:01 Read by tjfria
Croft Decides 31:20 Read by tjfria
Father And Son 37:15 Read by tjfria
Scarlet Blossoms 26:18 Read by tjfria
Robur's Invitation 27:44 Read by tjfria
Astral Understanding 24:47 Read by tjfria
Blue And Gold 23:36 Read by tjfria
On The Wings Of Azil 22:49 Read by tjfria
New Marvels 25:22 Read by tjfria
Beating Wings 30:44 Read by tjfria
The King's Messenger 26:13 Read by tjfria
Between Himyra And The Sun 25:41 Read by PJ Travis
In The Grip Of War 28:28 Read by Ian S. Carr
The Man Of The Hour 20:40 Read by redrun
A Tawny Vampire 40:40 Read by Brian Fullen
The Blue Girl Of Aphur 15:03 Read by Brian Fullen
Lost Confidences 14:03 Read by jon01