Campaigns of Curiosity: Journalistic Adventures of an American Girl in London

Read by TriciaG

(4.2 stars; 5 reviews)

Elizabeth Banks was an American journalist who, at about age 23, moved to London. While trying to break into English journalism and to keep the wolf from the door, she struck upon the idea of hiring out as a housemaid in some London household and writing about her experiences. Subsequently, she became a street sweeper, flower-seller, and a laundress. On the flip side, she advertised as an heiress and demonstrated how easy it was for a wealthy American to "buy a pedigree" and entry into the higher social circles. This book is her relation of these experiences.
These were her public-facing accounts. She gives a more personal, behind-the-scenes version in The Autobiography of a Newspaper Girl. - Summary by TriciaG (6 hr 18 min)


(5 stars)

I was hesitant at first but very nice, entertaining, and informative