Childe Harold's Pilgrimage: Canto III

Read by Alan Mapstone

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Childe Harold's Pilgrimage is a narrative poem in four parts written by Lord Byron. It was published between 1812 and 1818. The poem describes the travels and reflections of a world-weary young man who, disillusioned with a life of pleasure and revelry, looks for distraction in foreign lands. In a wider sense, it is an expression of the melancholy and disillusionment felt by a generation weary of the wars of the post-Revolutionary and Napoleonic eras.
The title comes from the term Childe, a medieval title for a young man who was a candidate for knighthood.
Canto III describes Harold's travels in Belgium, Germany and Switzerland. - Summary by Alan Mapstone (1 hr 19 min)


Stanza 1-15 9:52 Read by Alan Mapstone
Stanza 16-36 13:42 Read by Alan Mapstone
Stanza 37-55 14:22 Read by Alan Mapstone
Stanza 56-75 12:59 Read by Alan Mapstone
Stanza 76-97 14:30 Read by Alan Mapstone
Stanza 98-118 13:52 Read by Alan Mapstone


really well presented

(3 stars)

a well crafted work of art..... It's a depth i can't understand?