Christie's Christmas

Read by TriciaG

(4.7 stars; 36 reviews)

Now that the railroad has come through, Christie Tucker's parents have decided to save enough for her to go to her well-to-do Uncle Daniel for a one-day visit, on Christmas, which is also Christie's birthday. It's her first trip away from home -- and on the cars! Of course, the trip doesn't turn out exactly as expected. That one day, and how Christie lived it, has consequences that keep coming! Addressed by the author to girls, it is still a pleasant story for adults, too. (Summary by TriciaG) (7 hr 44 min)


The First Journey 21:51 Read by TriciaG
On the Cars 18:46 Read by TriciaG
Piling Up Stories 19:12 Read by TriciaG
A Baby Left on the Train 18:43 Read by TriciaG
Where Is the Baby's Mother? 17:29 Read by TriciaG
The Ugly-Looking House 24:48 Read by TriciaG
The Helper Still 28:45 Read by TriciaG
A Collation Served 15:54 Read by TriciaG
A Nice Talk 18:12 Read by TriciaG
How It Ended 16:56 Read by TriciaG
Christie as Housekeeper 19:17 Read by TriciaG
The Surprise 20:44 Read by TriciaG
What the Letter Said 20:23 Read by TriciaG
In Order at Last 20:34 Read by TriciaG
The Gift Acknowledged 20:08 Read by TriciaG
Unexpected Company 22:10 Read by TriciaG
The Minister and the Boys 19:27 Read by TriciaG
Another Letter 23:57 Read by TriciaG
Another Surprise 24:23 Read by TriciaG
Entertaining Company 21:52 Read by TriciaG
An Exciting Time 23:26 Read by TriciaG
Last of All 27:13 Read by TriciaG


Sweet, Endearing Story

(5 stars)

This tale helps one consider how the deeds of a single afternoon can have a lasting impact. We follow Christie and see how her conduct on a train ride ripples to benefit others and her family for months to come.

(5 stars)

How sweet to serve because Mother would want it --- Even sweeter to serve because our Kingly Elder Brother would want it! And what blessings He gives!!! I loved this story.

Delightful Story

(5 stars)

A thoroughly enjoyable story from start to finish. It makes you count your own many blessings and look for opportunities to help others.

Fun Story!

(5 stars)

I thought I knew how this story was going to go, but it surprised me! Great reader and pleasant read!

(5 stars)

absolutely marvelous everyone should read it