Jason, Son of Jason

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We return to Palos, where Jason and Naia await the birth of their first son. Jason brings Dr. Murray to Palos to assist in the birth. Later, when Naia and the child are kidnapped, Dr. Murray again returns to Palos. Jason Croft once again uses his knowledge of earth technology to overcome the challenges he faces. (Summary by Krista Zaleski) (7 hr 52 min)


Chapter I The Gateway Of Life 53:40 Read by jon01
Chapter II The Christening 47:41 Read by jon01
Chapter III Naia Of Aphur 45:28 Read by jon01
Chapter IV Jason Takes The Trail 39:29 Read by jon01
Chapter V In Berla 45:43 Read by JL Walden
Chapter VI Preparing The People 40:11 Read by JL Walden
Chapter VII Ptar, Priest Of Bel 54:53 Read by JL Walden
Chapter VIII The Dream Of Helmor 42:48 Read by JL Walden
Chapter IX The Death Plot 34:10 Read by tjfria
Chapter X The Attack 40:56 Read by Brian Fullen
Chapter XI The Temple Of Bel 27:28 Read by Brian Fullen