Ghost Story Collection 005

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4.2 stars; 81 reviews)

A collection of ten pieces, read by various readers, about the unreal edges of this world in legend and story; tales of love, death and beyond. If just one story prickles the hair on the back of your neck, or prickles your eyelids with the touch of tears, we will have succeeded. (4 hr 2 min)


The Hidden Beast 6:15 Read by Wes Kingston
An Old Woman's Tale 24:39 Read by RK Wilcox
The Oval Portrait 6:05 Read by Ryan Traub
The Phantom Coach 30:39 Read by Nick Gisburne
The Ring of Thoth 44:36 Read by Clive Catterall
The Silver Mirror 18:36 Read by Alex C. Telander
Staley Fleming's Hallucination 5:05 Read by gregnkim
The Story of the Inexperienced Ghost 27:19 Read by Toby Paradis
The Tale of the Mysterious Mirror 47:13 Read by Alex C. Telander
The Yellow Wallpaper 32:07 Read by Michelle Sullivan


One more for the road

(5 stars)

Another great collection to crawl into bed with on a stormy night !

For night mers.

(5 stars)

The same as Clay Gilmor sed :') .

(4 stars)

Another nice collection and well read

most stories were good, but...

(4 stars)

there were a few questionable Readers. I normally do not care to dole out harsh criticism, but I feel I must. The second to last story, The Mysterious Mirror, seems to have been read in a hurry. I had to keep saying "breathe! breathe!" to my device that I listen on. Slow down a bit, so the listeners can take in the tale & savor the frights that are in those words.. just tap the brakes lightly, and you'll be fine. The Readers all do a fairly awesome job.. much braver than I am. I can read aloud well, but I loathe the sound of my own voice (yep, issues), so I admire the effort & time all of you voluntarily put into this project. I appreciate all of you, and send all of the Readers my gratitude. Somedays, I am in dire need of these tales of fear & tragedy & adventure & mystery. To use a newly common trope, these days have been rough. Please stay safe & keep hope. 🌻⚛☯️☮💝♾ P.S. I do not know why this review has been posted twice.. my apologies.

Great stories!

(4 stars)

This listener really enjoyed these stories! Some did send a chill or two up my spine! One tale in particular really stood out to me. The Phantom Coach was a superbly crafted story, told in a very convincing first person. The story itself was top notch, but what made it the penultimate narration, was the incredible skill of Mr Gisburne's reading of the story. His voice and diction could not have been any better!! As always, the readers did a great job in presenting these works! Thank you to all who make this possible!

best collection of ghost stories from librivox

(5 stars)

Great authors, wide variety of stories. Read well by some excellent narrators with great voices. Will listen to again and again. Thank you.

Good and creepy

(4.5 stars)

These will make you shiver a bit. Even though I like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle one of the best on here is not his. That is the phantom coach. But the readings were all good

my fave in this collection is the phantom coach..just awesome !!

(4 stars)